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How building a partnership increases brand awareness


Have you ever considered how a brand partnership could positively impact your business?


Collaborating with RoSPA by building a strong brand partnership can greatly benefit awareness of your brand by connecting you with our vibrant community of members, award winners and clients.

The power of our brand partnerships

The power of our selected brand partnerships is that we build long-term, meaningful relationships where both parties benefit in a range of different ways, such as:

  • Increased brand visibility

  • Builds brand trust and positively impacts consumer perception

  • Broader audience reach

  • Platforms for thought leadership

  • Effective use of promotional budgets

  • Helps build revenue

  • Joint promotion means both businesses benefit from the same activity.

If you have ambitious targets for growth and want to use your promotional budget to maximum effect, then a brand partnership with RoSPA is an excellent way to build your brand awareness - not only because you’ll be visible to our highly engaged audience of health and safety professionals but also because it can highlight exactly who you are and what you offer in the marketplace.

Take full advantage of our reach

Our vibrant community of members, award winners and clients are tremendously loyal to RoSPA, passionate about safety and are B2B purchasers. One of the most effective ways to educate and influence them about your brand is by inspiring them through engaging content; and we have some powerful tools to help you to achieve this.


Maximise the many opportunities available

As part of a comprehensive partnership package, we work with you by using our key channels to connect with our valuable audience of senior health and safety decision makers who have spending power and influence:


Sponsoring our Awards Scheme, events or webinars is a great way to increase awareness and engagement and to create new business opportunities.


Advertising in our journals and newsletters ensures your brand will become recognised and understood by key health and safety professionals.


Writing editorial for our respected journals or MyRoSPA member platform enables you to showcase your thought leadership in the field in which you excel.

Social media

Posting your campaigns with us will allow you to reach a much wider digital audience, due to our huge reach in many industry sectors. 

Bespoke email

Sponsoring a bespoke RoSPA email is a highly effective way of engaging with your target audience.


Featuring in our SafetyMatters newsletter will help you attract the attention of health and safety practitioners and drive traffic to your website.

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Get in touch

Each of our brand partnerships can be tailored to your specific objectives and requirements. Please contact us to discuss how we can develop a proposal to help you increase your brand awareness.



Andrea Sims

Partnerships Manager
  Email   T: +44 (0)7798795354