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Corporate Social Responsibility Partnerships

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnerships between businesses and not-for-profit organisations like RoSPA, are often considered to be one of the most effective ways of creating positive social change. Delivering a positive impact for people by creating a programme of activity that creates a safe environment and a workforce fit for the future is a hugely valuable goal and has benefits for your customers, employees, consumers and partners alike:



B2B customers want responsible and values driven suppliers


Prefer to work at an organisation that is purpose and values led


Want to purchase from organisations with clearly articulated values


Want to work with an organisation that has a clear and compelling story aligned to their values

Reasons to build partnerships with social purpose

Accidents can change lives. In England in 2017 over 780,000 people were seriously injured or killed in accidents at home, on the road or at work – many of them preventable.

We’ve worked with many organisations to help them deliver their CSR strategies by combining our skills and experience to create a programmes of activity designed to raise awareness, educate, and empower those most at risk of accidents to live safer, active lives.

"Working with partners means we can achieve so much more and that is why we are delighted to be collaborating with RSA. RoSPA and RSA are organisations with people at their heart and our association has the potential to make a real difference to the lives of those most vulnerable to accidental injury."

Error Taylor
Chief Executive, RoSPA

Done well, your organisation can use its CSR programmes to benefit society while boosting your brand and improving your bottom line. There are many potential benefits to your organisation creating a CSR partnership with RoSPA, these include:

  • Creating positive change

  • Building customer trust 

  • Stronger community relations

  • Differentiating your organisation from

  • Better brand recognition

  • Positive business reputation

  • Increased sales and customer loyalty

  • Talent attraction and employee relations

Who benefits from a CSR partnership?

A CSR partnership with RoSPA can help your organisation enact positive social change. If you want to make a difference to society through a programme of CSR activity, you’ll find there are other benefits too:


Your organisation

Having a reputation as a responsible company can lead to competitive advantage


Being a responsible business makes it easier to recruit and retain employees

Local community

Benefiting from your activities, your local community will be more supportive

Having a strong CSR programme, may mean that you also find it easier to:


Gain positive media coverage

Attract new investors

Develop new products or services

How can we help deliver your CSR goals?

The aim of our CSR partnerships is to build a strategy around your CSR goals based on your core competencies, and our areas of expertise which include:

  • Expert safety knowledge

  • Influence within government and national committees

  • Our reach through our members, award winners, influencers and contacts

  • PR, marketing and communications support

  • Promotional opportunities

  • Project management.

We take a simple three step approach:

Step 1

Explore and understand your CSR goals

Step 2

Identify opportunities and prioritise options

Step 3
Specific Support

Develop a programme of activity to
achieve your goals

Aligning objectives and setting goals is vital, as is ongoing evaluation of your CSR project to ensure both parties are meeting these goals. Learning from any challenges along the way leads to a better understanding of what makes your partnership successful and how we can create the most sustainable change.

Some of the recent CSR partnership activity we've delivered:

  • Fall Fighter scheme

  • Safe@Work-Safe@Home initiative

  • Safety Roadshows

  • Safety education resources

  • Fall Prevention Web Hub

  • Keep Kids Safe initiative

  • ScootSafe campaign

  • Awareness days

An example of a current CSR partnership

In 2019, we established a long-term strategic partnership in support of RSA’s CSR strategy ‘Confident Futures’, which focuses on ‘Shaping a smarter tomorrow’.

"Raising awareness of issues and changing behaviours through education is at the heart of RSA's Confident Futures strategy and our ambition to shape a smarter tomorrow. Our partnership with RoSPA is an important part of that journey. Together we aim to raise awareness of the simple steps we can all take that allow us to live safer, more active lives. This research is a start point, helping us identify those who are most at risk of harm, understand the barriers to action and ways we can overcome them."

Karl Helgesen
Chief Claims Officer, CR Executive Sponsor - UK & International, RSA

Through this partnership, we’ve supported RSA activities which help people and businesses to get ahead of risks through education, awareness-raising and encouraging behaviour change. It’s about helping people better understand the risks they face so that they can adjust their behaviour to mitigate them.

Reasons our CSR partners chose RoSPA


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