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Leading the way in best practice for shared e-scooter safety

Neuron is the fastest growing micromobility operator in Asia Pacific and the leading e-scooter operator in Australia and New Zealand, with safety at the heart of its organisation.

Neuron develops proprietary hardware that significantly improves rider safety and provides a high level of oversight and control to cities in terms of speed, parking and geofencing technologies. The company’s technology integrates seamlessly with smart city platforms and various mobility-as-a-service platforms.

Our partnership

With shared interests in active travel and safety, we partnered with Neuron to help them grow their UK business, based on a solid safety foundation.

We share a common goal with Neuron, which is to keep people safe and prevent accidents on the road. Neuron, the largest e-scooter operator in Australia and New Zealand, has already shown itself to be the industry leader in safety, and has introduced an impressive number of innovative world firsts and pioneering features to the e-scooter market. Combined with our heritage and expertise, the partnership adds positive value to Neuron and firmly places them as leaders of their sector.

"Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Neuron so we are delighted to partner with RoSPA, the UK’s experts in accident prevention… We look forward to rolling out a safety course with RoSPA that will have a real impact on the safety of our riders and also the general public in the cities where we operate."

Zachary Wang
CEO, Neuron Mobility

"Neuron’s core focus on safety and their innovative, world-leading e-scooter makes them an ideal partner for RoSPA, and we look forward to working jointly with them to enable healthy, active lives through good education.”"

Errol Taylor
Chief executive, RoSPA

ScootSafe Campaign

Electronic scooters, are becoming increasingly popular across the UK, with people keen to get around more congested areas in a green and affordable way. However, alongside their popularity, the number of accidents involving e-scooters has increased.

In April 2021, we teamed up with Neuron Mobility to launch a ScootSafe campaign, promoting safe riding following the launch of e-scooter rental trials in Newcastle and Sunderland. The rider course, designed with Neuron’s e-scooters in mind, aims to provide theoretical and practical lessons on how to ride safely on Britain's roads.

As the campaign continues, the Neuron ambassadors will be on the streets of Newcastle and Sunderland, covering all parts of the trial areas in the two cities, especially focusing on key hubs where journeys are most commonly started and ended.

"We are delighted to launch the ‘ScootSafe’ campaign in partnership with Neuron so we can educate new riders on the safest way to ride."

Nathan Davies
Executive head of policy and portfolio, RoSPA

Next steps

Our relationship with Neuron brings together a shared interest and expertise in road safety. We view it as the start of a journey that helps further our charitable accident prevention mission, while providing a point of difference for Neuron.

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