Berkeley group and the Safer by design framework document

Delivering safety messages outside of the workplace

Working together to keep people safe outside of work

As the UK’s second biggest water company, Severn Trent Water is committed to keeping its customers’ water flowing clearly and making waste water clean again.

Health, safety and wellbeing is at the forefront of everything at Severn Trent Water. Its vision is that no one gets hurt, or is made unwell, by what it does, and it wants to achieve this through a”whole person” approach. Statistically, more accidents happen in the home than anywhere else, which is why Severn Trent has partnered with us, to help it focus on the safety of its people, their families and the wider community.

Our partnership

A strategic partnership with Severn Trent Water provides the unique opportunity to unite two long-standing, reputable brands with a shared unwavering commitment to keeping people safe. With our support, the partnership has facilitated in helping Severn Trent Water’s ambition to take wellbeing and safety to the next level through bolstering Severn Trent’s 24/7 Safety Culture and supporting its holistic approach to safety and wellbeing.


Our Health and Safety Award scheme have long recognised excellence shown through safety management systems at an organisational level. In 2020, we introduced the Inspiration Awards – a focus on the exceptional efforts of individuals to influence the safety of others – not just in the workplace, but outside it too.

Severn Trent’s sponsorship of the Inspiration Awards showcase their organisations commitment and encouragement of the promotion of health and safety outside of the workplace.

"Health, safety and wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do at Severn Trent and that’s why we’re proud to sponsor the Inspiration Awards. It’s great to be part of an Awards programme that helps to shape the future of health and safety excellence!"

Severn Trent

Falls Awareness Days

Each year, 40 per cent of all accidents reported to the HSE are attributed to slips, trips and falls. and cost employers around £512million in lost production. They are also responsible for 50 per cent of all reported injuries to members of the public in workplaces. With this in mind, Severn Trent was keen to push its boundaries and shift its focus onto educating its staff on how to keep themselves and their families safe in their own homes, as well as in the workplace.

Our partnership again proved invaluable here, as we uniquely house data and expertise across all areas of safety – including home safety. Our policy and communications teams were therefore able to devise a much wider fall prevention campaign, designed to empower Severn Trent staff to take key safety messages into their homes, communities and beyond. Using the resources, Severn Trent held their own Slips, Trips and Falls awareness day for staff at offices across the country.

"Was great to see – some really shocking stats that get you thinking and some good advice about how to keep safe and reduce the chance of an accident. There must be some really interesting psychology about why we behave differently"

"Great Safety Discussions being had at STC today with RoSPA! #safetyatworkandhome"

"Love that you are teaming this up with home as well! How many of us do things at home that we wouldn’t do at work and vice versa?"

Looking to the future

We will continue to partner with Severn Trent to fulfil shared safety goals.  If you’re interested in following their lead, and adding a ‘beyond the workplace’ element to your organisational safety  campaigns, find out how a partnership with RoSPA can enable this, while empowering staff and improving employee engagement. 

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