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Free Resources

Whether its commuting, popping to the shops, taking the kids out or going to work, travelling is an essential part of personal, family and work life for millions of us. It can be enjoyable and pleasant, but it can also be stressful and dangerous. Our free resources provide advice and guidance on how we can travel safely.

A Guide to 20mph Limits

A guide to explain to the non road safety professional the pros and cons of 20mph speed limits and zones

Carrying pets safely

A leaflet giving advice on how to carry pets safely in cars

Choosing Your First Car

A checklist of things for new drivers to consider when buying their first car

Drivers and vulnerable road users

A leaflet aimed at drivers to raise awareness of the dangers of bad driving in the presence of vulnerable road users

Get More From Your Driving

A guide for experienced drivers promoting the importance of refresher driver training

Is your driving changing?

Posters, leaflets and a presentation for older drivers and their families to help elderly drivers to drive safely for longer

Mobility scooters

Mobility scooters are a great way of getting around and maintaining independence when you have health conditions that affect your ability to walk

Refresher Driver Training Toolkit

A guide for those who provide or promote driver training.

Rural young drivers and passengers

A presentation outlining the dangers young drivers face and their passengers face when travelling on rural roads

Safer Journey Planner

A guide with advice for drivers on planning safe journeys

Top Ten Tips To Stay Within The Limit

A poster and factsheet with ten tips drivers can follow to stay within the speed limit

An Introductory Guide to Managing Occupational Road Risk

A guide introducing the "Plan, Do, Check, Act" approach to occupational road risk, outlining how employers can reduce accident rates

Driving for Work: Choosing Safer Vehicles

A guide that provides information to fleet managers about choosing and buying safer vehicles based on factors such as vehicle use

Driving for Work: Drink and Drugs Policy

This guide provides advice to employers about the dangers of drink and drug driving and offers information on how to encourage safe practice

Driving for Work: Driver Assessment & Training

A concise look at how employers can assess and train their employees who drive for work, in order to reduce occupational road risk

Driving for Work: Fitness to Drive

A guide which gives information about driver fitness issues, and guidance for employers on how to ensure their employees are fit to drive

Driving for Work in the gig economy

Road safety advice for those driving or riding for the gig economy

Driving for Work: Mobile Phones

A short guide explaining how to prevent inappropriate mobile phone use on the road by employees

Driving for Work: Incident Reporting and Investigation

A guide that advises employers on creating and implementing effective and methodical incident reporting and investigation procedures

Driving for Work: Own Vehicles

This guide advises employers on how to implement policies that explain to employees if, when and how they can use their own vehicles for work

Driving for Work: Safer Journey Planner

This guide gives concise information to employers and line managers on how to safely plan their organisation's journeys, including an example journey planner

Driving for Work: Safer Speeds

A guide that gives advice to employers and line managers on how to encourage safer driving speeds at work

Driving for Work: Using Telematics thumbnail
Driving for Work: Using Telematics

This concise guide informs employers about the use of telematics for work, including how employees can use telematics effectively

How to Evaluate Managing Occupational Road Risk

This guide teaches employers how to evaluate their Managing Occupational Road Risk (MORR) activities in order to check their effectiveness

Safer Driving for Work Handbook

A handbook providing a wealth of information to employees about safe driving at work, including advice on how to safely prepare for a journey

Strategic review of the management of occupational road risk

A strategic review of research regarding the management of occupational road risk, culminating in recommendations in areas such as policy & advocacy

Using telematics to improve driving for work safety: a good practice guide

This document takes a more in-depth look at work-related telematic use in order to improve road safety at work

Volunteer Driver's Handbook

A handbook for volunteer drivers that covers key information such as safety provisions, and the law concerning voluntary driving

Young drivers at work handbook and presentation

A guide and presentation designed to help young drivers to work with their organisation to avoid accidents and injuries to themselves and other people on the road while they are driving for work. These documents are editable, allowing the young driver and employer to add their company policies.

Young drivers at work (Scotland) black box pilot

This document explains RoSPA Scotland's research - investigating the use of telematics in the workplace to improve employee driving

Cyclists and Lorries Film

A film that illustrates the dangers to cyclists that are caused by lorries, including information about road positioning and visibility

Common motorcycle crash causes

A review of existing research highlighting the most common motorcycle crash causes

Group Riding

A series of short interview clips where a motorcycle trainer shares his experiences of organising group rides

Ride Safe

A leaflet for motorcyclists with advice on avoiding the most common types of motorcycle crashes

Sharing the road

The presentation provides advice to drivers on sharing the road with cyclists in order to minimise the risk of collision or confrontation

Sharing the road together

A guide on how drivers and cyclists can share the road together which gives tips so each road user can be considerate and safe

Carrying Other People's Children Safely

A guide about transporting other people's children safely in cars

Carrying children safely in taxis, coaches, buses and minibuses

A guide about transporting children safely in taxis, coaches, buses and minibuses

Child on the Drive!

RoSPA's campaign materials on how to avoid the dangers of children being hit by reversing cars on driveways

Helping Young People Learn To Drive

A guide for those helping their children learn to drive by supervising them in private practice

Parents and Young Drivers

A leaflet highlighting the most common risks for young drivers. It includes a safer driving agreement for parents and young drivers

Teaching road safety: A guide for parents

A guide for parents and carers on teaching road safety skills to children aged 4-11

Teaching road safety skills to children with additional needs

A guide providing advice to parents and carers on teaching road safety skills to children with additional needs

Child Car Seat Training Course

This webpage provides a free download link for a presentation containing extensive child car seat advice for childcare practitioners

Driver Telematics

This webpage contains a range of information about driver telematics, including how employers can effectively use telematics in the workplace

Designing Evidence Based Interventions: A Guide for Practitioners

A detailed guide for road safety practitioners, explaining how to develop road safety interventions that are successful and efficient

Destination Drive

RoSPA’s Mature Drivers Initiative

How-to: Practical Pedestrian Training for children in years 3-4

A pack to help schools organise practical pedestrian training for year 3 and 4 pupils. The pack includes lesson plans, a risk assessment, information for parents and carers and a certificate template for pupils.

Joint Strategic Needs Assessments: Progress Since 2014

A report summarising the progress made since 2014 in integrating road safety and public health programmes through Joint Strategic Needs Assessments

Making road safety count

A document that highlights the importance of local authorities delivering cost effective road safety strategies

Minibus Safety: A Code of Practice

Designed to be used with the Minibus Driver's Handbook, this document provides detailed information on minibus best practice

Minibus Driver’s Handbook

A handbook for minibus drivers to help them drive safely and lawfully, including information on journey planning and passenger safety

Pedestrian training resource pack

Free downloadable resources to assist schools in practical pedestrian training

Preparing a Road Safety Submission

This guide gives detailed advice to local authorities regarding how to prepare a Road Safety Submission for a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Promoting Refresher Driver Training Toolkit

A toolkit for those who promote or provide driver training to help them raise awareness about Refresher Driver Training and what it involves

Reducing unintentional injuries on the roads

A five-year study by RoSPA and the Child Accident Prevention Trust that analysed trends of injuries and deaths of young people on the road

Road Safety: A Guide for Local Councillors in England

This guide provides information to councillors in England, including who is responsible for different aspects of road safety

Road Safety: A Guide for Local Councillors in Scotland

This document is based on "Road Safety: A Guide for Local Councillors in England", but it has been tailored to a Scottish perspective

Road Safety and Public Health

The 2014 Road Safety and Public Health guide, which assesses how road safety and public health activities integrate by looking at case studies

Road Safety and Public Health Update

A March 2019 update to the existing Road Safety and Public Health guide, covering key changes in road safety policy in recent years

Road Safety Evaluation Services

A document that explains RoSPA's Road Safety Evaluation services for road safety professionals, including details about individually tailored consultancy as well as free evaluation

School Site Road Safety

A reference manual for school leaders responsible for site safety. It provides advice and information on how to minimise the risks children face from vehicles when walking on and immediately outside the site.

School Site Road Safety
Local Delivery of Road Safety

A study exploring the barriers and opportunities for delivering road safety in the UK. The report sets out a series of recommendations to improve road safety delivery.  

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