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After the test

Passing your driving test can potentially open up a whole new world of personal freedom, however with it comes some inherent dangers, as during the first few months is when a young driver is most at risk. This section considers why this is the case and what a young driver can do to maximise their chances of staying safe while they gain valuable driving experience.

Did you know?

Motorways are the safest roads to drive on. Young drivers are more likely to have a serious crash at night or on a rural road.

  • Why are newly qualified drivers at risk?

    Inexperience and overconfidence lead to many young driver crashes. This section looks at the factors which affect a young driver’s ability to read the road and to identify and react to hazards.

  • When and where are young drivers at risk?

    The roads driven on and at what time can increase the likelihood of crashing. This section looks at when and where young drivers are most at risk.

  • Post test parental support

    Young drivers are most likely to crash during the first six months of driving. This section considers the support parents can provide to reduce this risk.

  • Choosing your first car

    In the event of a crash the type of car and the safety features it incorporates can directly influence the severity of the injuries sustained. This section provides advice on choosing a first car.

  • Insuring your first car

    Insurance for a newly qualified driver can be very expensive, this section explains how temetatics, often referred to as a black box works and some factors to consider when choosing insurance.

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