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Electric bikes

Electric bikes are fast becoming commonplace on our streets with many people choosing an e-bike to replace short car trips. As well as having health benefits e-bikes are environmentally friendly and, due to cycling assist, they are ideal for hillier and longer journeys.

With the increasing use of e-bikes there has been a rise in the number of casualties, especially involving more mature cyclists both in the UK and across Europe, so RoSPA has produced three short films.

The first film in the series, Choosing an electric bike, provides advice and information to help riders select the model and style of bike to best suit their needs.

The second film, Using an electric bike, looks at different e-bike features such as walk assist, understanding the different consoles and how these should be used to maximise safety, especially in the first few rides.

Lastly, our Taking training video explains the benefits of e-bike training, what this involves and how to access it.

Electric bike series

Choosing an electric bike

Helping riders to select the model and style best suited to their needs

Using an electric bike

Looks at different e-bike features and how to use them

Taking training

Explaining the benefits of e-bike training and how to access it

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