Driver Profiler

An online driver risk assessment tool for fleet managers

What is Driver Profiler?

Driver Profiler is RoSPA's innovative online driver risk assessment tool, which predicts levels of driver safety and related risk by measuring psychometric, demographic and behavioural factors that influence driver behaviour. These measures provide excellent insights into the risk posed by drivers, and allow managers to compare individuals and make decisions on the provision of appropriate training.

Why use Driver Profiler?

Human error is a factor in 95% of all road accidents and our online driver risk assessment tool can be used as an effective recruitment exercise ensuring drivers fit the required profile and is ideal as part of an induction for new starters. The assessment will also identify individuals who are most at risk on the road and their training needs, at a lower cost and with less downtime than traditional in-vehicle methods. The assessment has been designed by two of the UK's leading universities, is exclusive to RoSPA.

What does Driver Profiler cover?

  • This online driver risk assessment takes around 10-15 minutes to complete
  • Identifies personal driver information such as accident history, mileage and the type of driving they do
  • Consists of a series statements regarding driving attitudes - employees select the option that best applies to them
  • The traits measured by the risk assessment are: demographics, distraction, speed, co-operation, dealing with pressure, violations and journey planning
  • Combines measurements of known risk factors concerning driver behaviour and accident risk with psychometric, personality, knowledge, and attitude factors that act as a reliable surrogate measure of driver behaviour
  • Company logo can be added to the software
  • User friendly, easy to navigate and looks great
  • Upgrade to the Managed Service to take the administration out of risk assessment
  • A report is sent to each individual highlighting problem areas and giving advice, so drivers can see how to improve
  • Managers have access to a report containing a risk rating for each driver. They can see which drivers pose the highest risk and prioritise training accordingly

Duration: Licences are valid for 12 months and can be purchased for any number of drivers.

Using Driver Profiler

Individual Reports

Reports will be sent to each driver allowing them to see 'at risk' areas of their driving. It also provides tips and advice to improve these areas.

Manager Access

Access is enabled via a secure log in which will allow access to Company Reports, these offer an overview of all driver assessments. Managers can also access the detailed individual Driver Reports and view risk ratings. This data can be used in a number of ways, including being able to drill down to company unit or department or for human resource requirements.

The management information system allows managers to identify 'at risk' drivers and organise training programmes.

"Npower has used the Driver Profiler for many years and found the reports helpful in highlighting risky behaviour with drivers."

Stuart Lee
Field and Road Safety Manager, Npower

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Designed by two of the UK's leading universities and exclusive to RoSPA


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Who is Driver Profiler for?

Driver Profiler is ideal for any organisation operating a fleet of vehicles or who employs people who drive for work purposes including; fleet managers, HR managers, training managers and logistics managers.

Where can I use Driver Profiler?


Our Driver Profiler online risk assessment can be carried out at any time to suit you and your drivers

"Npower has used the Driver Profiler for many years and found the reports helpful in highlighting risky behaviour with drivers."

Stuart Lee
Field and Road Safety Manager, Npower

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