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First Aid at Work

The First Aid at Work Course is a comprehensive *three-day Level 3 Award designed to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. These regulations mandate that employers must make arrangements to ensure that their employees can receive prompt and effective first aid in case of injury or illness at the workplace. This course, accredited by Qualsafe, is ideal for larger or higher-risk environments and covers a wide range of illnesses and emergency situations.

*Please note if you have completed First Aid at Work training within the last three years you can complete the course in two days instead of three (First Aid at Work Requalification)


What does the First Aid at Work Course cover?


Delivery Methods:

Face-to-face classroom in-house


Three days


Roles and responsibilities: Learn the duties and expectations associated with being a workplace first aider


Emergency assessment: Acquire the skills to evaluate and respond to various emergency scenarios in a safe and effective manner



Unresponsive casualty aid: Learn the necessary steps and techniques to assist an unresponsive individual, including CPR and other life-saving measures


Critical situations response: Gain the ability to respond promptly and effectively to common emergency situations such as choking, bleeding and shock


Minor injuries aid: Learn to administer first aid for minor injuries, addressing cuts, burns and other less severe conditions


Information gathering: Develop skills in gathering relevant information to assess and address the unique needs of a casualty



Thorough survey techniques: Learn the systematic approach to conducting a thorough examination of a casualty, ensuring no injuries or conditions are overlooked


Musculoskeletal injuries recognition: Acquire the ability to identify and provide appropriate first aid for musculoskeletal injuries


Sling application: Learn the proper techniques for supporting and immobilising injured limbs


Head and spinal injury awareness: Understand the signs and symptoms of head and spinal injuries and how to respond appropriately



Burns and scalds severity recognition: Gain knowledge on assessing and providing first aid for burns and scalds of varying degrees


Eye injuries first aid: Acquire skills to administer first aid for eye injuries, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the casualty.



Poisonous substances response: Understand the different ways in which poisonous substances can enter the body and appropriate first aid responses.

Upon successfully finishing this course you will be able to :

Confidently fulfil first aid roles:

Be well-prepared to fulfil the duties and responsibilities of a workplace first aider.

Assess and respond to emergencies:

Safely evaluate and respond to a range of emergency situations.

Provide effective aid:

Offer effective first aid to unresponsive casualties, those choking, bleeding or in shock.

Address minor injuries:

Administer first aid for minor injuries, ensuring comprehensive care.

Conduct thorough surveys:

Conduct comprehensive head-to-toe surveys to identify injuries and conditions.

Recognise and respond to medical emergencies:

Identify and respond to conditions like heart attacks, strokes, seizures and more.

Administer first aid in diverse situations:

Acquire versatile skills to administer first aid in various emergency scenarios.


Benefits of the course:


For employers

  • Compliance with legislation: Ensure adherence to the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 by having trained first aiders within the workplace
  • Qualsafe approval: Equip your employees with a regulated and nationally recognised qualification.




For delegates

  • Understanding of workplace first aid regulations: Gain insight into the regulatory framework governing workplace first aid
  • Recognition of emergency situations: Develop the ability and knowledge to recognise and appropriately respond to emergency situations
  • Practical skills: Acquire hands-on, practical skills to treat a variety of injuries, illnesses and conditions.


For employers

Hiring professionals who have successfully completed the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety provides numerous advantages for employers, including:

  • In-house fire safety expertise: Having in house experts in fire safety ensures that your organisation can respond effectively to fire related challenges
  • Fire risk assessment capability: Equip your workforce with the ability to conduct fire risk assessments for low to medium risk workplaces
  • Protect people from injuries: Prioritise the wellbeing of your staff and visitors by minimising the risk of fire related injuries-and health issues
  • Strengthen safety culture: Promote a robust safety culture within your organisation, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations.

For delegates

For individuals the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety-offers-the following advantages:

  • Gain an accredited NEBOSH qualification: Enhance your career prospects by earning a globally recognised qualification
  • Learn fire safety techniques: Acquire skills that are rooted in international best practices, making you a valuable asset in your field
  • Positively influence fire safety behaviours: Use your newfound knowledge to become a catalyst for positive fire safety practices within your workplace.

This course is tailored to meet your needs if:

  You hold a workplace first aid role: Ideal for those appointed as first aiders in their workplace

You seek practical skills: Suited for individuals wanting practical skills to handle injuries and emergencies effectively

You want comprehensive training: Designed for larger or higher-risk environments, providing a broader range of skills

You can perform practical tasks: Participants should be capable of performing practical tasks at floor level.


Why choose the First Aid at Work course?


Compliance with regulations:
Elevate your workplace's resilience by ensuring strict adherence to Health and Safety Regulations through our comprehensive First Aid at Work course


Nationally recognised quality:
Attain a benchmark of unwavering quality as Qualsafe accreditation guarantees a nationally recognised standard in first aid training, ensuring excellence for your team


Practical skills for delegates:
Empower participants with practical proficiency extending beyond theory, ensuring they can confidently handle a diverse range of injuries and emergencies, enhancing their
overall preparedness


Tailored for workplace needs:
Experience custom excellence tailored to your workplace's unique challenges, ensuring our course is specifically crafted to meet the demands of first aid in your setting, providing a personalised and effective learning experience.


Ready to elevate your workplace safety? Become a certified workplace first aider and equip yourself with essential first aid skills, ensure regulatory compliance and contribute to a safer workplace environment. 

Which first aid course should I take?

Emergency First Aid
Emergency First Aid at Work

Essential for individuals who have responsibilities for emergency first aid
at work. This comprehensive one-day training course is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle a range of emergency first aid situations.


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