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IOSH Leading Safely

IOSH Leading Safely

The IOSH Leading Safely course is designed for business leaders and individuals. The primary objective is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the safety and health of their employees while fostering a culture of wellbeing within their organisation.

What does the IOSH Leading Safely Course cover?

Delivery Methods:

Face-to-face classroom in-house
Virtual classroom in-house


Half day


Initial diagnostic questionnaire: Participants will engage in an initial diagnostic questionnaire designed to evaluate their safety and health leadership behaviours. This component allows individuals to understand their current approach and provides a foundation for personalised learning


Personal commitment: Make a personal commitment to enhance your leadership effectiveness in health and safety. Apply what you learn on the course with specific actions and improvements



Case study review - real-world scenarios: A comprehensive case study review is tailored to the participants' specific industry and needs. The review begins with an exploration of potential pitfalls ('how things can go wrong') and progresses to a 'getting it right' scenario, emphasizing the importance of learning from mistakes and implementing improvements


Plan-do-check-act HSMS integration: Participants explore the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Health & Safety Management System (HSMS), a structured framework for continuous improvement. The course emphasises the practical application of improvements by integrating them into existing business systems.


Upon successfully finishing this course you will be able to demonstrate:

Develop a strategic understanding:

Gain insights into the strategic importance of safety and health within the organisational context.


Benchmark safety performance:

Evaluate and benchmark the current safety performance of your organisation.


Understand operational responsibilities:

Grasp the operational aspects of health and safety and how they align with overall organisational goals.


Cultivate behaviours for successful safety leadership:

Learn and adopt behaviours that contribute to successful safety leadership, fostering a safe and healthy work environment. 


Benefits of the course:


For employers

  • Shape health and safety strategy: The course empowers employers to shape the health and safety strategy of their organisation, ensuring alignment with business objectives
  • Reduce absence and increase productivity: By implementing accredited health and safety practices, organisations can reduce absence related to accidents, leading to greater productivity and increased profits
  • Globally recognised certification: The training provides globally recognised, respected and certificated credentials for senior executives, enhancing the organisation's reputation.

For delegates

  • Skill set improvement: Participants can enhance their skill set, becoming more effective leaders within their organisations
  • Learn from global best practices: Gain insights into good practices adopted by leading global organisations in the realm of safety and health
  • Flexible duration: The short course duration makes it convenient for busy senior executives, allowing them to fit it into their schedules without significant disruption
  • Identify steps for ambitions: Delegates will be equipped to identify and take steps to achieve their safety and health ambitions within the organisational context.



For employers

Hiring professionals who have successfully completed the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety provides numerous advantages for employers, including:

  • In-house fire safety expertise: Having in house experts in fire safety ensures that your organisation can respond effectively to fire related challenges
  • Fire risk assessment capability: Equip your workforce with the ability to conduct fire risk assessments for low to medium risk workplaces
  • Protect people from injuries: Prioritise the wellbeing of your staff and visitors by minimising the risk of fire related injuries-and health issues
  • Strengthen safety culture: Promote a robust safety culture within your organisation, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations.

For delegates

For individuals the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety-offers-the following advantages:

  • Gain an accredited NEBOSH qualification: Enhance your career prospects by earning a globally recognised qualification
  • Learn fire safety techniques: Acquire skills that are rooted in international best practices, making you a valuable asset in your field
  • Positively influence fire safety behaviours: Use your newfound knowledge to become a catalyst for positive fire safety practices within your workplace.

This course is tailored to meet your needs if:

  Senior executive with management responsibilities: The course is specifically tailored to meet the needs of individuals occupying senior-level positions, acknowledging their unique roles and responsibilities

Understanding and fulfilling health and safety responsibilities effectively: The course addresses the practical aspects of health and safety management, ensuring that senior executives have the tools to navigate and implement best practices

Planning the overall direction for safety and health: The course is strategically designed to enable participants to plan and guide the overall direction of safety and health initiatives within their organisations.


Why choose the IOSH Leading Safely course?

The IOSH Leading Safely course stands out as a premier choice for senior executives due to several key factors:


Strategic focus:
The course goes beyond routine safety training, providing a strategic focus on the value of safety and health within the organisational landscape


Personalised learning:
The initial diagnostic questionnaire and personalised report ensure that the learning experience is tailored to the specific needs and industry of each participant


Real world application:
The course includes a case study review that explores real world scenarios, allowing participants to understand both the potential pitfalls and the best practices for
implementing improvements


Global recognition:
The certification is globally recognised, providing a mark of distinction for senior executives and enhancing the reputation of the organisation.


Ready to elevate your leadership in health and safety? Join the IOSH Leading Safely course today and unlock a personalised journey to excellence. Take the first step  towards a safer, more productive future for your organisation. Lead with confidence in health and safety, your path to strategic leadership starts here!

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