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Driver Profiler

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What is Driver Profiler?

Driver Profiler is an innovative online driver safety tool, which predicts levels of driver safety and related risk.

The assessment provides a series of statements that consider psychometric, personality, knowledge and attitude factors, acting as a reliableÔÇ»measure of driver behaviour.

By measuring a range of different factors, the Driver Profiler gives both the driver and their manager an excellent insight into the potential risks when driving, allowing managers to compare individuals and make decisions on the provision of appropriate training.


Why use Driver Profiler?


Our online driver safety tool can be used as an effective recruitment exercise ensuring drivers fit the required profile.

The assessment identifies individuals who are most at risk on the road and their training needs, at a lower cost and with less downtime than traditional in-vehicle methods.

The assessment has been designed by two of the UK's leading universities, is exclusive to RoSPA.

“Having an online risk assessment tool is fundamental for us as Karwa Driving School so we can quickly identify which drivers require further training. It is an essential tool in our road safety practices allowing us to keep road risk as low as possible. It is quick and simple to use and is now an integral part of our process.”  - Faisal Al Nuaimi, Mowasalat Qatar


Who is Driver Profiler for?

Driver Profiler is ideal for any organisation operating a fleet of vehicles or who employs people who drive for work purposes including:

Why study with RoSPA?


You'll be in control of the pace and time of your learning


Convenient, flexible and easily accessible


Designed by two of the UK's leading universities and exclusive to RoSPA

Benefits of Driver Profiler:

  • It only takes around 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • The eight human characteristics measured by the assessment are: demographics; distraction; speed; co-operation; dealing with pressure; violations; and journey planning.
  • It identifies personal driver information such as accident history, mileage and the type of driving they do.
  • It is specifically developed for at-work drivers and fits with HSE guidelines on risk assessing all drivers.

Duration: Enrolments are valid for 12 months and can be purchased for any number of drivers.

Using Driver Profiler

Individual Feedback

The Driver Profiler Summary screen will be seen by each driver allowing them to see 'at risk' areas of their driving. Individual feedback also provides tips and advice to improve these areas.

Manager Access

Access is enabled via a secure log in, the platform allows managers to see percentage scores to identify 'at risk' drivers and organise training programmes.

“We are seeing less accidents and feel we are looking after our drivers' wellbeing. It exceeded our expectations and needs.”  - Anthony Burns, Senior Fire, Health and Safety Manager, River Island