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Online Driver Training

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Designed to help drivers negotiate roads in the safest way

What is online driver training?

RoSPA’s online driver safety course offers fleet managers an additional training tool, which can be used as a preliminary measure to establish where in-vehicle training resources could be most effectively employed, or as refresher training for those who have already benefited from in-vehicle training.

Why take online driver training?

This online driver safety course is designed to help drivers develop the attitude and behaviours necessary to manage today's driving situations in the safest way. The software offers a variety of learning methods for the driver to choose from including interactive activities, video and knowledge tests spread throughout the training to ensure that the learner has fully understood the content. The driver must pass the knowledge tests to move onto the next stage, meaning by the end of the programme they will have successfully completed all tests.

What does online driver training cover?

The online course is divided into five modules, including levels of risk on the road, system of car control, defensive driving, factors affecting driving and vehicle technology.

E-learning uses a variety of methods to transfer information across to the user. This is coupled with interactive activities to complete and video clips from RoSPA's ‘Driving for Work' film. Knowledge checks are spread throughout the training to ensure users have a full understanding of areas covered.

Why study with RoSPA?


You'll be in control of the pace and time of your learning


Convenient, flexible and easily accessible


Progress checks throughout the course


A variety of online and interactive learning techniques

Who is online driver training for?

This online driver training course is ideal for any organisation operating a fleet of vehicles or who employs people who drive for work purposes including; fleet managers, HR managers, training managers and logistics managers.