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RoADAR Driving Review

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Categories: Advanced Drivers and Riders
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Price £58.33

The RoADAR Driving Review is a simple and low-cost way for people who have been driving for some time to find out whether their driving skills are up to scratch.

The review costs £70 outside of the M25 boundary or £85 inside the M25 boundary and will be taken in your own car.  We do not have any specific locations where the reviews are taken from but you can enter your preferred location on the Application form and once processed an reviewer will make contact within two weeks of your application to make arrangements for a time, date and place for your the review.

The review will last 45 to 60 minutes with the reviewer giving feedback throughout the review and you will also receive a written report usually within two weeks.

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“I found the experience very useful. The examiner is extremely helpful and in my case very encouraging.” - Recent Driver Review Delegate