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L’Oréal partnership

Accidents are a leading preventable cause of death, serious injury and long-term disability, which have huge impacts on the individuals who suffer them, those who care for them and wider society. RoSPA and L’Oréal have joined together to ensure key safety and health messages are spread beyond the workplace to ensure that employees keep themselves and others safe in their lives outside work.

As the largest cosmetics company in the world, L’Oréal is present in 150 countries on five continents. With over 88,000 employees, health and safety is at the heart of their organisation. Since 2017, their Safe@Work-Safe@Home accident prevention scheme has been rolled out to their employees in more than 70 countries, their safety performance at L’Oréal has continued to improve year after year.

“There’s nothing more important to us than the health, safety and well-being of our people, their families and our extended ecosystem in which we operate. That’s why our partnership with RoSPA is key to spread the culture outside the workplace.”

Antoine Vanlaeys
Chief Operations Officer - L’Oréal

"Together, we commit to strive to build a world where people are able to live their lives to the full and in which no family, business or community suffers the anguish of a serious accident that didn't have to happen."

Lord Jordan of Bournville CBE
Lifelong President - RoSPA

"If each one of us in L’Oréal does a little bit every day for health and safety, either at home or work, then that’s 88,000 small actions for health and safety per day. Together this makes one big action."

Malcolm Staves
Global Vice President Health and Safety - L’Oréal

Our partnership

RoSPA and L’Oréal enjoy a long-term partnership based on shared values to ensure key safety and health messages spread beyond the workplace. In the spring of 2018, RoSPA and L’Oréal made their partnership official in the grand setting of the Tower of London signing an initial three-year partnership. Four years on and despite the immense difficulties presented by COVID, L’Oréal and RoSPA have continued to drive up health and safety standards through their close collaboration, bringing together the heritage and status of RoSPA’s 100 years of evidence-based expertise with the reach and influence of L’Oréal the world’s largest cosmetics company.

In May 2022, L’Oréal signed and committed to a further three-year agreement with RoSPA to continue to make a lasting impact to promote and shape the future of health and safety.

Errol, Lord Jordan and Antoine
Errol, Lord Jordan and L'oreal team

Safe@Work-Safe@Home Award

Since 2018, L’Oréal have been entering the RoSPA Health & Safety Awards, achieving a plethora of awards including a Gold Award, Best New Entry and the prestigious Guardian Angel award. The Guardian Angel Award shone a light on L’Oréal’s efforts and initiatives which had made a real difference in the world of safety and accident prevention.

L’Oréal’s strategy is to encourage individual sites or regions/countries to apply for the RoSPA Awards and then cascade the impact and pride of being recognised for their local systems and health and safety performance.

As existing entrants in the RoSPA Health & Safety Awards, L’Oréal is committed to championing safety both inside and outside the workplace. L’Oréal are the proud sponsors of two RoSPA Awards: the Safe@Work-Safe@Home Award and the newly created Inspiring Women in Safety Award. Part of the wider awards programmes, the Safe@Work-Safe@Home award recognises and rewards organisations who adopt 24/7 safety ethos to drive safety beyond their factory gates.

In 2021, L’Oréal sponsored an innovative Leading Safely programme for Women and an Award, which celebrates and recognises the contributions and achievements of women, an under-represented group in the health and safety sector.

Dempsey Wood Civil Ltd - winner of the Safe@Work-Safe@Home Trophy 2021

Sodexo – Property Professional Services – winner of the Safe@Work-Safe@Home Trophy 2022

Safe@Work Safe@Home Briefing Papers

Another integral part of Safe@Work-Safe@Home has been the creation of a collection of Briefing Papers which aim to share vital information to employees by taking safety beyond the workplace, in particular focusing on home safety and those who are most at risk from accidents. The papers have been developed to be easily shared with L’Oréal’s global EHS community, including plants, distribution centers, research teams, sales divisions and stores, etc... so that each site can use or adapt them and spread the messages locally considering the local context.


“At L’Oréal our employees and their health, safety and well-being is a shared value and a fundamental principle for us all. We believe that using a holistic approach to safety can bring huge benefits. By taking the safety knowledge and expertise we already use at work and applying it to employees’ whole lives, we can reduce the number of life-changing accidents affecting them and their families.”

Thiago Ramos
Global Health and Safety Manager - L’Oréal


Keeping Kids Safe

The ‘Keeping Kids Safe Campaign’ is an integral part of Safe@Work-Safe@Home. Safety packs are given to families which include practical tools and potentially life-saving information. The packs are adapted according to safety priorities in individual countries. Since their development, L’Oréal have promoted the initiative across multiple sites across the globe, including a visit to a school by L’Oréal employees to demonstrate fire safety to the children, and Bring your child to work day at L’Oréal’s Clark Hub, USA. This is just a selection of some of the best of the safety messages communicated by and at grassroots level. L’Oréal will continue to promote the messages globally as part of their future post-COVID focus and strategy.

Under 5s Projects

In 2021 L’Oréal commissioned RoSPA to write a ‘big data’ Global Accident Report, to provide the vital statistical insights needed to prioritise actions for accident prevention. The report found that beneficial focus would be risks to school children, teaching new parents about young child safety in the home and the middle-aged and older people about falls and home safety.

At the Safe@Work-Safe@Home event in India, L’Oréal and RoSPA unveiled the first part of their collaborative Under 5s Keeping Kids Colouring Book. The book is a 20 page collection of fun, creative activities, which enables young children to learn about safety in the home.

Under 5s activity book

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