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IOSH stands for The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. It is the Chartered body and leading membership organisation for safety and health professionals. Here is a list of common questions that people ask us about IOSH.

IOSH offers a comprehensive suite of occupational safety and health courses which are designed for individuals within all industry sectors who require a basic knowledge of health and safety. Studying with IOSH is also the first step on the route towards CMIOSH.

The training syllabus varies depending on the course, but both include the following common key aspects:

Identifying hazards

The Leading Safely course considers a range of hazards that could potentially cause harm including mechanical, physical, chemical, environmental, biological and organisational hazards. The Managing Safely course looks at hazards from a specific industry perspective including location, activity, substance and equipment.

Defining and assessing risks

Both courses guide learners through the risk assessment process and use a simple scoring system to use during assessments. Both also seek to underline that even simple, repetitive tasks can result in serious risks.

Improving health and safety performance

Looking at systems and processes, this topic investigates a wide range of workplace safety issues including inspections, permits, protective equipment, signage and emergency procedures to demonstrate how checking performance across these aspects can help to reduce risk.

IOSH Managing Safely is a three-day course that gives managers and supervisors the knowledge and skills they need to manage health and safety within their teams.

IOSH Managing Safely covers responsibilities for health and safety, hazard identification, assessing and controlling risks, accident investigation and measuring performance.

IOSH Managing Safely gives managers the confidence to drive health and safety performance within their teams and to improve the health and safety culture of their organisation as a whole.

As IOSH Managing Safely isn’t a regulated qualification there is no academic equivalent.

IOSH Working Safely is a one-day course covering the essentials of health and safety in the workplace. It is aimed at all employees in all types of organisation.

IOSH Working Safely looks at people’s responsibilities for health and safety, workplace hazards and risks, and how to control them.

IOSH Working Safely shows how everyone can make a difference to their own and others' wellbeing through everyday actions.


The cost of an IOSH course will vary depending on whether the candidate is applying for the Working Safely or the Managing Safely qualification. It will also depend on where the learner undertakes their training - at a training centre, online, or in-company.

Visit our online shop to find out the costs.

An IOSH Working Safely or Managing Safely certificate is valid for life.

As the Chartered body for the profession, IOSH members are internationally recognised as the benchmark for professional excellence in occupational safety and health. Employers look for IOSH members in recruiting and promoting their safety and health professionals because they know our members embody the highest OSH standards. As an IOSH member, you’ll get regular access to the latest news and updates, as well as the chance to attend a wide range of seminars, webinars and conferences to help you stay ahead.

There are two ways you can apply to become a member. The easiest way is complete an online application form on the IOSH website. Alternatively, you can request a paper application form by contacting the IOSH membership team:

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