RoSPA Awards – Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Early registration discount and the closing dates

Online Entry Format and Security

Preparing your submission

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Feedback and Grade Review Requests

Presentation ceremonies


General information

Q: Our organisation has not entered for a RoSPA Award before. What do we do?
A: Read about the awards on the RoSPA website and choose which category you wish to enter.

  • Register and pay online
  • RoSPA will send you a login for the online entry system, consisting of a username and a password
  • Read the entry requirements and guidance and follow the instructions on how to compile your entry
  • Complete all sections of the online entry and upload supporting evidence documents as required
  • Submit your online entry by the closing date indicated.

The instructions are straightforward but if you need any advice, we will be pleased to help.

Q: Does our organisation have to be a RoSPA member to enter the RoSPA Awards?
A: No - Entry is open to all and not restricted to RoSPA members. Nevertheless, the award entry fee discount and wide range of other benefits are good reasons to join.

Q: For what period of performance are the awards made?
A: The 2018 RoSPA Awards are made in recognition of organisations' health and safety management performance in the 2017 calendar year (1 January to 31 December).

Q: Our organisation is a new venture and we do not yet have a full year's RIDDOR data. Can we still enter?
A: To be eligible for a RoSPA award, an organisation must normally have RIDDOR data for at least the full previous calendar year, i.e. 1 January to 31 December. If it does not, it may still qualify for some level of award, providing that it can demonstrate that an effective health and safety management system has been set in place. Include a note of why data is not available in the text box provided in Section 13. If in doubt, please contact us for advice.

Q: What type of award should we apply for?
A: You can apply for an Achievement Award, which recognises your organisation's performance against the judging criteria; or enter the competitive Industry Sector Award for your work sector, which involves your entry also being compared with other entries in order to identify the 'best in class'. A greater amount of supporting evidence is expected for an entry for the Industry Sector Awards. The winner of the ultimate award recognising health and safety management performance – the Sir George Earle Trophy – is selected from a short-list of the top Industry Sector Award winners.

Some new entrants choose initially to enter in the achievement award category in order to become familiar with the entry process and requirements. However, high performing new entrants can win - and have won - in the competitive categories in their first year of entering.

Entrants can now also choose to apply for a Fleet Safety Award. These achievement-style awards recognise your organisation’s performance in fleet and driver safety management. The top Fleet Safety Award entrants are recognised through the RoSPA Fleet Safety Trophy – (sponsored by Allianz Insurance), and the Fleet Safety Technology Trophy). Fleet Safety Awards can be applied for as a single entry for a fee, or can be added as an additional category at no extra cost by any Achievement Award or Sector Award Entrant.

As well as the above health and safety awards there are additional competitive 'Specialist Awards' for the best performance in key disciplines.

Q: What are the 'Specialist Awards'?
A: Specialist awards are made in the areas of:

There is no additional entry fee, but a separate submission is required for these categories. You will need to select any specialist award(s) for which you wish to enter when you register online for either an Achievement Award or an Industry Sector Award entry. Submissions must address the points shown in the respective award's Guidance Notes.

In addition, all eligible Industry Sector Award entries will be considered for:

The Best New Entry Award, sponsored by Safety & Health International, is made to an organisation or new site of a previous participant (either Achievement Award or Industry Sector Award entrant) that has not entered the Awards programme before.

Q: If our application is successful what will our award be?
A: Achievement Award winners receive a framed certificate and are entitled to use the appropriate Award logo on their corporate letterhead and to fly the RoSPA Awards flag.

Industry Sector Award winners receive an engraved trophy to be held permanently, with Highly Commended and Commended sector award entries receiving an engraved plaque or a framed certificate respectively. Winners are entitled to use the appropriate logo on their corporate letterhead and to fly the RoSPA Awards flag.

'Specialist Award' winners retain the appropriate trophy for one year and also receive a commemorative award to retain permanently. They are entitled to use the appropriate logo on their corporate letterhead and to fly the RoSPA Awards flag.

Q: What happens if we enter the competition for but don't win the Industry Sector Award?
A: In each industry sector competition there is one Sector Award winner (or occasionally joint winners) and normally one or more entries are either Highly Commended or Commended if they are close to the standard achieved by the Sector winner. Following initial assessment the appropriate achievement award grade (Merit to Gold) is assigned. The top Gold award entries are further assessed and compared with others in the same industry sector to identify the Winner and in some cases, runners-up of Highly Commended and Commended.

Please note that as the Sector Awards are competitions a previous win does not guarantee the same award in following years, even if your organisation's performance has improved. This is because it is possible for another entry to be judged even better; either from a previous participant whose entry standard has improved more, or from a high performing new entrant.

Q: How would we win a Gold Medal, President's Award, Order of Distinction or the Patron's Award?
A: These awards are made for 'sustained achievement' after winning consecutive Gold Awards respectively:

5 to 9 years = Gold Medal
10 to 14 years = President's Award
15 years onwards = Order of Distinction
25 years onwards = Patron's Award

Q: Our organisation has previously entered the RoSPA Awards, but this year we have merged with other unit(s)/companies. Should we enter as a whole or individually – and what happens about our past record in the Awards scheme?
A: Ideally you should enter as separate units (which must all show local evidence of implementation of the corporate systems). If you choose to submit a combined entry for the merged organisation and some, but not all constituent units, have previously won sustained achievement awards (Gold Medal, President's Award or Order of Distinction) RoSPA will judge the appropriate level of award for the new body. In the event of the newly-formed entity not achieving the required standard for Gold, the previous awards history for other sites will be lost. For mergers of different companies, the judges will look for the merged organisation's health and safety management system performance to be equal to or better than the standard recognised previously by a RoSPA Award. If in doubt, merged organisations will be treated as new entries.

Q: Why is there a difference in cost between the entry fee for the competitive industry sector awards and the achievement awards?
A: This reflects the fact that the assessment of Industry Sector Award entries takes considerably longer due to the greater amounts of supporting evidence required, and also that the selection of winners involves additional stages of judging.

Q: We use the RoSPA QSA auditing system. Do we still have to submit a full entry, including all the required supporting evidence documents?
A: It depends what type of award you are entering: For an achievement award if your organisation has achieved QSA Level 2 or above, you just need to register for the award online, provide brief answers to the ten KPQs (sections 2-11 of the online RoSPA Award entry), and upload a scan of your QSA certificate as a supporting evidence document, before submitting the entry. A full range of supporting evidence documents is not required.

However, if entering for one of the competitive Industry Sector Awards, a full submission will still be required, including answers to the 10 Key Performance Questions (sections 2-11) with links to supporting evidence documents uploaded to the online entry. This is because all entries in the competitive categories must as far as possible be in the same format to maximise the consistency of assessment. Also, entries for the Industry Sector Awards are judged by independent assessors who may not be familiar with the QSA system.

Q: Our organisation had a fatal accident this year. Can we still apply for an award?
A: RoSPA urges organisations with any fatal accidents in the qualifying year NOT to apply as it will not normally be possible for any award to be made.

Unless all relevant information can be provided, an award application should not be made - not least out of consideration for the family and friends of the deceased. 'Relevant information' includes information from the completed accident investigation, coroner's proceedings, a decision on enforcement action etc.

RoSPA fully recognises that the severity of the outcome of unplanned incidents does not necessarily reflect the extent of health and safety management failure - or vice versa. For this reason, in theory, automatic disqualification of applications declaring a fatality in the entry period while permitting other entries with perhaps greater health and safety failings but no fatal accidents would be illogical and will occasionally be unfair.

However, in practice, in almost all cases, full information demonstrating the entrant's lack of culpability to the Panel's satisfaction will not be available within the required timescale, with the result that NO AWARD WILL BE MADE. This effectively amounts to disqualification.

At RoSPA's discretion, a provisional award level may be advised based on the standard of the submission, but this will remain suspended until all relevant information has been provided, with no return of the entry fee. This will normally be too late for any award to be presented and publicised within the awards round for that year.

If a suspended organisation is later found not to have been culpable, a provisional grade may be confirmed retrospectively. This may also involve re-instatement of a sustained achievement award. This is principally for the purposes of maintaining a previous record in the scheme. The official winners' lists will be revised as appropriate, but RoSPA will not actively publicise awards reinstated after previous awards rounds have been completed.

Early registration discount and the closing dates

Q: How do we qualify for the early registration discount?
A: Register online to enter before 23:59 on October 31, 2017.

Q: What are the scheme's key dates for 2018?

Registration deadlines:

All Industry Sector, Fleet Safetyand Specialist Award entries (for all presentation venues or postal despatch), and Achievement Award entries for Birmingham or London presentation:
December 14 2017 (23:59)
These options will be removed from the online registration after this time.

Achievement Award entries (only) for Scotland presentation or postal despatch:
April 27 2018 (23:59)
Registration will close after this date and will be removed from the website.

Entry Submission Period:

Opens: January 1 2018
All on-line entries must then be submitted by the date advised for the individual entry.

Submission deadlines:

Industry Sector Award and Specialist Award entries (for all presentation venues or postal despatch), and Achievement Award entries for Birmingham or London presentation:
February 5 2018 (23:59)
NB Specialist Award entries not submitted by this deadline will be excluded from consideration for the competitions. Industry Sector Award entries submitted after this date will be re-allocated to the Achievement Award category.

Achievement Award entries (only) for inclusion in Scotland or postal despatch:
June 4 2018 (23:59)
No guarantee is made that any entries submitted late will be included in official presentation events. Entries submitted after the advised deadline date will incur a late entry fee (£90.00 plus VAT).

Presentation Ceremonies:

London ExCeL Exhibition Centre: June 19 2018
Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel: July 4-5 2018
Glasgow DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Central: September 13 2018

Postal despatch (where selected):

Mid-August 2018

Q: What if we cannot submit our entry by the advised date?
A: The on-line entry system will lock out entries that are not submitted by the advised closing date. In this event, you will need to contact the RoSPA Awards team (on 0121 248 2090/1) for the entry to be unlocked.

  1. Sector Award and Specialist Award entries: These competitions run to strict judging timetables and entries not received by the advised date will normally be excluded from consideration. Sector Award entries submitted after the advised closing date will instead be assessed for the appropriate Achievement Award grade, with feedback provided.
  2. Achievement Award entries: RoSPA reserves the right to refuse submissions after the above closing dates. If late submission is permitted (which is solely at RoSPA's discretion) a late entry fee (£90.00 plus VAT) will be payable.

Online Entry Format and Security

Q: Why have you changed to an online system?
A: The new online system will bring huge benefits in terms of security and convenience for all users - entrants, judges and RoSPA itself. It has been developed in association with expert database management solutions providers Safety Software Limited and is powered by their 'airsweb' solution.

Password protected online entry offers better security than ever before and also avoids the cost and potential problems with postal/courier delivery. Users will find the system simple to operate and will welcome the ease of completing the online sections and providing the required supporting evidence.

Q: Who are Airsweb?
A: Airsweb is the registered name of a suite of QHSE products developed and supported by Safety Software Ltd. Safety Software has experience of providing QHSE software products to many of the world's largest organisations. Safety Software is a UK based company with offices in Rainhill, Merseyside and Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Airsweb is currently used by government agencies in the UK and the US and operates in many other different industry types.

Q: Where is my data stored?
A: Your data is stored in a secure hosting environment by Rackspace. Rackspace are ISO 27001 compliant and they comply with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information from European Union member countries and Switzerland. Rackspace has certified that it adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement, with respect to the personal data collected from EU and/or Swiss data subjects or receive from affiliates located in the EU and/or Switzerland, such as information regarding service requests, service orders, handling orders, delivering services and processing payments. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, and to view Rackspace's certification, please visit

Q: Is the Awards site accessible?
A: Airsweb is committed to providing a web application that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. Airsweb are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of the web applications and in doing so adhere to many of the available standards and guidelines.

Q: Can I be confident that my data will not get lost?
A: The awards software is fully encrypted and is also password protected. The software is hosted on a secure site that is certified to the highest level. Your data is safe within the system. Rackspace host governmental and financial applications around the world.

Q: What about the Data Protection Act?
A: Appropriate technical and organisational measures have been taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data. The application and service has been designed and organised to fit the nature of the data that it holds and the harm that may result from any breach of security. Robust policies and procedures are in place to support our data protection strategy.

Q: What help is available for the online entry system?
A: A comprehensive ‘Help' section and Guidance Notes are accessible once logged onto the system.

The RoSPA awards team are also on hand to take queries and help you with the online registration and entry process simply call 0121 248 2090 or email

Q: What type of files can be uploaded to the system?
A: *.pdf,*.txt,*.jpg,*.gif,*.png,*.bmp,*.doc,*.docx,*.xls,*.xlsx,*.ppt,*.pptx Including video extensions: *.avi,*.mpeg,*.mpg,*.mp3,*.mp4,*.wmv,*.wma,*.mpa,*.mpe,*.mov,*.swf,*.flv

Q: What platforms does the system run off?
A:Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista and Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 7+. We also support the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Older browsers will not support the technology required to run the Awards site. Please contact the awards department if you are using older technology so that other solutions can be explored.

Preparing your submission

Q: Does it matter if we don't answer the Key Performance Question (KPQ) sections?
A: Yes – The Key Performance Questions (Screens 2 to 11 of the online entry) are a fundamental part of the entry requirements. They are designed to probe the most important aspects of organisations' health and safety management systems and culture, using a consistent framework to enable entrants to provide the information required. The online entry system will require text to be inserted in all sections and will indicate any that have not been edited, but it will not in any way be assessing the standard of the content. Statements made in the responses to the KPQs must be hyperlinked to relevant supporting documents uploaded to the online entry. Entrants are responsible for ensuring that all responses are complete and that all required supporting documents have been uploaded before the entry is submitted. If supporting documents are updated with a newer version, the existing hyperlink will need to be deleted and re-established.

It will not normally be possible for missing evidence to be provided separately at a later stage, although at its discretion, RoSPA may request additional information. This will generally only be when the missing information could be critical to the competition result or to the achievement grade awarded.

Q: Why do RoSPA Awards entries require supporting evidence?
A: The requirement for relevant evidence about entrants' health and safety management approach is essential to underpin claims made in submissions. Awards made on the basis of unsubstantiated statements are likely to be seen as of limited credibility and quality.
Preparing an entry to meet the rigour required for the RoSPA Awards involves investment of time and effort, but it is widely accepted that these are essential in order to achieve recognition that is worthwhile.

Q: Why have you introduced a limit on the number of attachments per section?
A: This change, which follows analysis of past entries, reflects the requirement for high quality rather than a large quantity of supporting evidence. Sharp focus on what each KPQ is asking will reduce unnecessary repetition and improve selection of relevant supporting evidence.

Entrants will also benefit from significant time saving in uploading their supporting documents.

Q: Will entries that exceed the permitted limit be penalised?
A: Assessors/judges are only required to only examine the first eight hyperlinks/cross references for each section. It is therefore very important to ensure the best supporting evidence is included within these. If key information is not included here, it is unlikely to be seen, which may restrict the assessor's rating. As previously, at their discretion assessors/judges may penalise irrelevant evidence.

Q: Will entries that stack/combine documents to comply with the permitted limit be penalised?
A: Entrants that do this are not following the new guidelines. Assessors/judges will penalise entries if it is clear that this has been done in order to comply with the limit. (An exception is in Section 3, when evidence of qualifications of the entrant's sources of H&S competent advice may be combined.)

Q: What if we cannot provide any corporate KPIs such as audit scores?
A: Section 12 of the Achievement award and Industry Sector award entries requests information about any corporate KPIs used by the entrant. None of the indicators listed are compulsory, but this information can help RoSPA's adjudicators to confirm their judgements about the level of award to be made. If a specific indicator is unfamiliar, it is unlikely that your organisation uses it. There is no need to contact the Awards team for clarification.

Q: Why do you ask what industry sector we operate in?
A: In the competitive Industry Sector Awards, this is to ensure that as far as possible entries are compared with other organisations with the same risk profiles as themselves. For participants in the scheme overall, the industry sector is also used by RoSPA when publicising winners.

Q: Why is a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code no longer required?
A: The recent changes to the RIDDOR reporting requirements and definitions reduce the validity of comparing accident incidence rates with the average industry rates for different SIC Codes.

Q: How do the recent changes in the RIDDOR reporting requirements and definitions affect the statistics element in the RoSPA Awards?
A: In the tables provided, entrants are required to declare the specified statistical data as defined by RIDDOR in the years shown. It is recognised that the change to '>7 days incapacitation' as the trigger for reporting and the change in the definitions used in the Regulations complicates analysis of trends.*

However, it remains important for entrants to show that reactive statistical data is collected, analysed and how it is used.
*Recordable injuries (>3 day) remain an entry requirement.

For more information on statistical data currently collected by HSE, visit the HSE website.

Q: Individual sites/parts of our organisation would like to receive their own award - what should we do?
A: Separate achievement award* applications should be made by the respective sites. As well as documents such as the corporate health and safety policy, applications must include information relating to the individual sites, eg local policy (if applicable), local risk assessments, local H&S meetings, local inspections, evidence of local monitoring activities, local audit results etc. Failure to provide sufficient evidence of local implementation of corporate procedures etc is frequently a factor that limits the award achieved.

* For the Industry Sector Award competitions, the Adjudication Panel favours submissions on behalf of whole organisations rather than individual sites. This is in order not to encourage 'cherry picking' ie entrants only providing information about the best parts of their organisation for consideration.

Q: Should we include contractor/sub-contractor staff in our total number of employees?
A: No – in entry section 13, you should declare the numbers of direct employees only, as numbers of (sub)-contractor employees can vary widely throughout the year. However, you must as far as possible show contractor/sub-contractor numbers separately (at section 14), and declare all significant RIDDOR events (fatalities and major/specified* injuries) during their work for you. This is because these help illustrate your level of success in managing your contractors. You might consider encouraging your contractors to submit an awards entry in their own right as this will in turn demonstrate their commitment to health and safety.

*As defined in RIDDOR 2013

Q: We treat our contractors'/sub contractors' RIDDOR data the same as our own and include them with our direct employees'. What should we do?
A: If your contractor data cannot be separated out from the data for direct employees, please indicate this in the box provided.

Q: What if we do not have full accident data for our contractors / sub contractors?
A: Supply what information you do have, but this must at least include a brief description of all fatal or major/'specified injury'* accidents that have occurred during their work on your behalf. Please note that for the competitive Industry Sector Awards, deficiencies in this data could make the difference between success and failure. In addition, failure to declare such events for contractors'/sub-contractors' that occurred during the awards period will normally result in an award being withdrawn, particularly if the Awards Panel's original decision would have been different had all relevant information been disclosed.

*As defined in RIDDOR 2013

Q: How does the 'electronic signature' work?
A: Under the provisions of the Electronic Communications Act 2000 (section 7) a typed name and the action of submitting the online award entry may be taken as an 'electronic signature', where this is the applicant's intention. Entrants are also required to provide the names and job roles of two further witnesses who will, if necessary, confirm the accuracy of the entry contents.

As stated in the RoSPA Awards Terms and Conditions and agreed to when registering to enter, submission of an entry is taken as a declaration attesting to its completeness and accuracy and the entry is submitted to the RoSPA Awards scheme in good faith.

Q: Our award application is actively opposed by one or more interested parties. Can we still apply?
A: RoSPA cannot act as 'referee' in what can be complex, longstanding and ongoing disputes. We expect applicants to take all reasonable steps to resolve issues before an entry is submitted. If this isn't possible, please seek advice from RoSPA before applying.

Q: Is '24/7' safety a required initiative, as we do not currently do much in this area. Will this count against us?
A: No - Achievement award entries are judged on their occupational health and safety performance and will not be penalised. However, when competing for the Industry Sector Awards (and the Sir George Earle Trophy), 24/7 initiatives are one of several 'bonus' features that can help the judges to differentiate between top performers.

Q: Can you give any advice about how to compile our health and safety award entry?
A: Some examples are suggested of supporting evidence documents the assessors would expect for each of the Key Performance Questions. These are listed after the questions in Guide A and should be printed off if required. Please note the list of suggestions is not exhaustive and items are not compulsory.

For obvious reasons, it is impossible to specify a 'model entry' that would apply for all participants, as safety management systems inevitably vary, reflecting organisations' different sizes and the nature, scale and complexity of the risks they must manage.

After submitting your entry

Q: Have you received our entry?
A: On submitting your online entry, you will receive immediate on-screen confirmation that it has been received.

No email confirmation will be sent.

Once submitted, and after the advised deadline the entry will no longer be visible.

Saving the cost and uncertainty related to postal or courier delivery is one of the many advantages of the online entry system.

Q: Is the judging of online entries automated, enabling results to be advised sooner after submission?
A: No. The online system facilitates the entry and judging processes, but all assessment of entries will continue to be done by independent experts engaged by RoSPA, as previously.

Q: When will I know the outcome of the judging, and what level of award we have achieved?
A: Notification of the result of assessment of your entry will indicated on your registration confirmation.

Q: What happens if our RoSPA Award entry is unsuccessful?
A: If your entry does not merit any level of award or must be suspended, we will inform you of the reasons. However, please note that the entry fee will not be refundable because the submission will have undergone the administration and assessment processes that the fee covers.

Feedback and Grade Review Requests

Q: What if we would like feedback on our submission?
A: Provision of brief feedback is included within the Sector Award entry fee. Feedback can also be provided for Achievement Award entries for an extra £200+VAT (RoSPA Members) and £220+VAT (Non-Members).

This should be indicated when you first register to enter. Later requests will incur an additional charge as the submission will need to be assessed a second time. The feedback reflects the relative strengths and weaknesses in the submission, as observed by RoSPA's expert assessors.

For many entrants, this is helpful in indicating priority areas for performance improvement. However, it is not a specific and detailed action plan. Participation in the awards programme is not intended and should not be regarded as a substitute for comprehensive on-site audit of safety management systems.

Q: We think the advised award result is incorrect. What should we do?
A: You will need to submit a formal Grade Review Request. These will be considered after the initial judging phase has been completed, in April. Presentation of awards for entries requesting Grade Review will normally be deferred from the May ceremonies to the RoSPA Scotland ceremony in September or alternatively any award can be posted.

Grade Review Requests must be received in writing within 5 working days of result notification. A short statement is required of why the grade is considered incorrect, along with additional payment for one of the following Review options:

  1. Clerical Check with Re-assessment - Cost £75 +VAT
  2. Feedback / Reassessment - Cost £220 +VAT

A Grade Review Request may result in the previously advised award level being promoted, remaining the same or being demoted. As with all entries in the scheme, RoSPA reserves the right to vary the grade awarded if information is later received that would have affected the grade if known at the time of initial assessment.

Presentation ceremonies

Q: If our application is successful, when will our award be presented?
A: The 2018 RoSPA Awards will be presented at prestigious ceremonies on, June 19 in London, 4 and 5 July in Birmingham or on 13 September in Glasgow. Award winners from Scotland and the North of England are encouraged to attend the Glasgow presentation ceremony. Additionally, awards resulting from late entries will generally be made at the September presentation event.

When registering, entrants are required to select their preferred presentation venue, along with a second option. If the preferred choice is fully booked, the second option will be offered. The system will not permit the same option to be selected twice.

Q: How many people from our organisation can attend?
A: As many people as you wish may attend the daytime presentations, and you do not need to advise names. One nominated person is permitted to receive the award on stage, while colleagues may watch. However, group photographs are an ideal way of ensuring that all staff who have contributed to your organisation's success can share in later publicity. These may be arranged (at extra cost) at the events.

Presentation of awards and gala dinner free seat allocation is limited and will be done on a first come first served basis and therefore cannot be guaranteed. Where possible award winners will be offered an alternative ceremony day. Additional dinner places may be bought, subject to availability.

Awards entry registration does not constitute a gala dinner booking. To claim your free seat entitlement a booking form must be completed at the relevant time.

Q: What time should I come and what should I bring with me to the presentation?
A: Please print out and bring your presentation notification email. This will clearly state your presentation day, group and registration/presentation times. Please aim to arrive a few minutes before your registration time. You will be able to watch the proceedings while you listen for the announcement of registration for your group. The print-out will also show your reference number in case you require assistance.

Q: What is the dress code for the presentation ceremonies and evening gala dinners?
A: There is no dress code for the daytime presentations, but as the photographs taken are intended for use for publicity purposes, most recipients choose to wear smart business attire.

For the gala dinners, we request smart evening wear, lounge suits, uniform or traditional Scottish attire e.g.for the Glasgow ceremony. These events are not 'black tie', but guests are very welcome to dress semi-formally if they wish – and some do so.

Q: What happens at the awards gala dinners?
A: The pre-dinner drinks reception offers an excellent opportunity for networking. Some major awards and trophies are then presented before a high quality five-course meal, which is followed by entertainment from an after-dinner speaker. A live band then provides music for the rest of the evening. Timings for the evening are shown on the invitation tickets.

Q: Will we need to bring our tickets?
A: Yes - The RoSPA Awards dinners are prestigious events for which advance booking is required. To prevent any seating difficulties and potential security issues at the venues, RoSPA may request guests to show their tickets on the night and/or a print-out of their seat order acknowledgment email.

Q: If we win, when will our awards dinner be?
A: This will be the same as the presentation day selected/offered.

Q: Can we choose which evening dinner we attend?
A: Yes - When you register online, you will be able to select which day/venue to attend for presentation of any resulting award. Presentation of awards and gala dinner free seat allocation is limited and will be done on a first come first served basis and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

Preference for booking of evening dinner tickets is initially given to the winners of the major awards or trophies. A reserve list will operate when the venue capacity is reached.

To avoid disappointment, early booking is recommended for all presentation events and dinners

Q: Are there any age restrictions for the RoSPA Awards Gala Dinners?
A: Yes – these events are for persons aged 18 and over

Q: Some of our guests have special dietary requirements. What should we do?
A: The dinners have a set menu, which is selected well in advance. There is no need to advise us of numbers of guests requiring the vegetarian menu. However, please state any other special dietary requirements (food allergies or otherwise) when asked to do so in the online booking process or at the time of making your booking by phone or email.

Q: What happens if we book dinner places, but later find we can't make the event?
A: If you need to cancel your booking please inform RoSPA as soon as possible. An administration/cancellation charge will apply, as shown on the Gala Dinner booking form.


Q: How do we book accommodation for the awards presentation?
A: Links will be provided in the winners' information email as guidance only. Please note booking accommodation is the entrant's responsibility and RoSPA is unable to act as a booking agent.

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