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Sharing experiences of accidents, and the lives they shatter

Stories can make a difference. They can challenge assumptions, help to raise awareness and empower others to make safer choices. They can mean the difference between a happy ending and tragedy.

If you, or someone you love, have suffered a serious accident, why not share your experience with us? Even if you're not a confident writer, but you have a story you think the world needs to hear, please get in touch – after all, your experience might just save a life.


"He slipped, fell into the river and drowned"


"The driver who hit us had gotten into a drunken race..."


"I could have been killed"


"It was thought that Kacie could be paralysed from the waist down..."


"I was very lucky to make it out alive"


"The biggest hazards are often where and when you least expect them."


"I was extremely lucky not to have lost an eye"


"One of the fireworks went off and ended up in Ben's jacket"


"November 21, 2005 changed our lives forever"


"The driver was 2 ½ times the drink-drive limit when he killed my husband"


"We all think this will not happen to us, but it can!"

Dylan Ramsay

"When you lose a child everything is snatched from you"

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