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Sharing experiences of accidents, and the lives they shatter

Stories can make a difference. They can challenge assumptions, help to raise awareness and empower others to make safer choices. They can mean the difference between a happy ending and tragedy.

If you, or someone you love, have suffered a serious accident, why not share your experience with us? Even if you're not a confident writer, but you have a story you think the world needs to hear, please get in touch – after all, your experience might just save a life.


Charlie Fogarty’s life changed when, aged just 15, he sustained a serious head injury after being hit by a car. This is his story.


Christmas novelties and decorations are not suitable for children to play with and can lead to accidental injury. Noah’s mum tells his story.


I had no idea about the dangers to children posed by blind cords, nor did any of my friends and family.


“The ladder wobbled and I took the decision to jump clear from it. It was a decision I thought was right at the time, but can now see was not.”


Ray was devastated, he blamed himself for giving me a "death sentence"


I was just three-years-old when my dad had his accident. My aim is to stop this happening to any other family.


"2018 was the most upsetting time of our lives."


Maisie’s dad took every precaution with those fireworks and one stray flare has had devastating consequences


I am now totally paralysed and need everything doing for me.


It took eight minutes for the ambulance to reach us, but at this point it had felt like a lifetime.


"When I pulled my arm out it wasn't there."


"I fell headfirst onto a cobblestoned pavement"

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