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Your Stories

Sharing experiences of accidents, and the lives they shatter

Stories can make a difference. They can challenge assumptions, help to raise awareness and empower others to make safer choices. They can mean the difference between a happy ending and tragedy.

If you, or someone you love, have suffered a serious accident, why not share your experience with us? Even if you're not a confident writer, but you have a story you think the world needs to hear, please get in touch – after all, your experience might just save a life.

January 2023


Sandy fell and it changed his life.  On January 21, 2023, just after 8 am, Sandy (77) was getting ready for another of his usually active days. 


March 2022

Mum and Dad were in their early 80’s but mum’s eyesight and mobility had been reducing in recent years.


August 2021

Stoke-On-Trent mum, Stacy-Marie Nicklin, lost her daughter Harper-Lee in a button battery accident. This is her story.


Home Safety

November 2020

I have often heard it said that it pays to shop around and do your research. As I was later to discover, this could not be truer when it comes to your child’s car seat.

Road Safety 

August 2020

The water was freezing cold despite it being a warm afternoon. Three minutes was it all it took for me get into a life-threatening situation.

Water Safety

December 2019

Christmas novelties and decorations, while within easy reach, are not suitable for children to play with and can lead to accidental injury. Noah’s mum, Caroline, tells his story.

Home Safety

October 2019

Oldham mum, Karoline Craig, lost her daughter Macy in a blind cord accident. This is her story.

Child Safety

September 2019

Neil Clarke, head of Highway Services and Disconnections for UK Power Networks based in Potters Bar, has worked for the company for three decades and is a firm advocate of its safety culture.

Home Safety

April 2019

I was only three-years-old when dad had his accident. I remember visiting him in hospital and having to spend a lot of time with my auntie and grandparents.


Home Safety

February 2019

It was New Year’s Eve 2017 and we went to celebrate with our friends and their children. We decided to let off some fireworks in the garden like we do every year.

Firework safety

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